World Autism Awareness Day

13.05.13 | Category: About Family
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Yesterday was World Autism Awareness Day. And I also would like to make my small contribution. It is long since my child was autistic and he has never been highly autistic. But what we had to face has changed my world.


I realized what strong impact has disposition of mother during pregnancy, how very important the process of childbirth is and that one should not entirely rely on any hospital. This process mother should go through with the father (at least emotionally).

I learned that vaccines are not what I thought they were. That these injections really cause death, serious illnesses and destroy immune system. That they do not prevent  illnesses but sometimes even aggravate them.

I learned how gluten and sugar influence my child’s brain function. How much they increase tantrums and hysteria. I saw with my own eyes how effective the diet is, although many people don’t trust  it or are lazy about it.

I learned that most doctors and “specialists’’ just don’t care. They can make a diagnosis without even looking at a child and then tells you he cannot be cured. Psychologists give exceptional advices how not to talk to your child if you don’t want to.  Skill practitioners who care for children and heal them are very rear.  And it is very difficult to find them. But it’s still possible.

I realized that autism is not a disease. It is another way to see the world. I learned stories of greatest autists, my favorite one is Temple Grandin.

I learned that autism can be cured. Because in most cases organism is poisoned by heavy-metal salts (and in most cases due to vaccination). My son’s analyses prove it, and different homoeopathists have repeated the same for three years already. And besides, there are children whose mothers overcame the diagnosis. And even if a child still has peculiar behavior, it is very close to normal.

Danya is not autistic by now.  Now his diagnosis is «alalia». There are still some problems with behavior, nutrition and speech.

But many doctors make ”autism” diagnosis without giving it a second thought. Three years ago we organized consultations with a specialist and we were surprised. Out of ten children only one turned to be really autistic. Doctors make this diagnosis to such children just to brush them off, but the problem is different. The problem can be corrected. The problem can be solved.

But not all the parents can bear it – I know it, because I’ve been through it. So many tears I have cried, so many heartaches I have left behind…And thanks God for those people who were with us, who continue to help us. Without them it would have been an overwhelming task.

If you know little about it, just remember that autism is not a stigma. And a child is born with it not because of an alcoholic mother. Most of the children are born healthy. Just as my baby boy. But having received a huge amount of poison just can’t  handle it. As a rule, parents of such children are “good’’ parents – intelligent and educated. And they wanted to do everything in a “proper” way.


They do not need your sympathy or pity, it cannot give them strength. The best reward for parents of autistic children is that you wouldn’t close the door and would communicate with them and their child on equal terms. Like with everyone else.

But if autism crushed into your world don’t lose heart.  God helps those who help themselves. And your child needs you very much. He is asking you for help even if on the surface he looks restricted.

That’s all I wanted to say.

Olga Valyaeva —

Translated by Anna Shcherbina

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