Learning how to inspire your man

04.03.12 | Category: About Family
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I am often being asked about this – sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly.
For instance “my husband doesn’t want to work” or “he is interested in nothing”. As first we look inside of ourselves and look for our own shortcomings, weak places -it is worthy to ask ourselves in such situation– what am I doing wrong? How can I inspire man and become his muse?


A man needs woman’s energy.

God has created a man as a motive power. He rewarded him with all necessary qualities in order to achieve any goals he sets. The only thing God limited him with is to generate this energy independently.
Resulted a man got to be like a multifunctional personal computer able to perform many things. He can perform multiple tasks – go to the shop, earn money, built a house, repair a water-sink, still only in a case of connection to the electric network.

There are two possible options – either he is connected to the electric wall outlet with overall electricity available or some mobile generator. In other words a man can receive energy either from God or from a woman.


Translation: Olga Shpak (Vk & Fb)
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